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iSpring Quizzes on Animated Science

If you wish to revise a topic, pick from the list and you can do a quick revision of the topic. The quizzes work in HTML so are good for a mobile phone or browser, they work on Apple Mac, PC, Linux, iPhone, Windows Phone and Android.

If you are feeling really creative you can use iSpring to create your own quizzes as well.

Just note that each quiz is about 3-7Mb so might take a while to load but then will stay on your machine for next time. You also might need to add this site as a “trusted site” to enable the HTML5 active content to play.

Also if you are a moodle user don’t use these versions as they will not record your grade!

AQA GCSE Physics (to 2017)

P1 Unit….

P1 01 Infra Red Radiation

P1 02 Kinetic Theory

P1 03 Energy Changes by Heating

P1 04 Heating and Buildings

P1 05 Efficiency and Energy Transfer

P1 06 Transfer of Electrical Energy

P1 07 Generation of Energy

P1 08 Waves & Comms

P1 09 Red Shift

P2 Unit….

P2 10 Resultant Forces

P2 11 Motion and Forces

P2 12 Terminal Velocity

P2 13 Elasticity

P2 14 Forces and Energy

P2 15 Momentum

P2 16 Static Electricity

P2 17 Electrical Circuits

P2 18 Mains Electricity

P2 19A Radiation Mains

P2 19B Nuclear Fission and Fusion

P3 Unit.

 P3 20 X-Rays

 P3 21 Ultrasound

 P3 22 Lenses

 P3 23 The Eye

 P3 24 Applications of Light

P3 25 Centre of Mass

P3 26 Moments

P3 27 Hydraulics

P3 28 Circular Motion

P3 29 The Motor Effect

P3 30 Transformers

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