iGCSE Physics Introduction and Resources

This area is a simple selection of documents you get you started on the iGCSE Course for Physics. 

I have included lots of very detailed notes on the many areas and this will take a lot of time to go through if you do it properly.

Core Practicals A list of all the Science key practical themes with worked questions

iGCSE Scheme of Work Example Scheme of Work (yellow highlights are Triple content and the hyperlinks don’t now work)

IGCSE Physics Sylllabus Syllabus Directions from Exam Board (all the summaries of content etc..)

Triple Double Single Content Science grid to show what is in a Triple, Double and Single Course

Topic Summaries by Year This is the key specification points for each main topic (this is by Year but your school may be different – also you can find this on my site on the pages for each area)

Appendix 7 Non Supplied Equations Formula to Learn not provided in the exams

Equation Revision Equation Practice Sheet (if you struggle to remember them try this)

Equation Flash Cards Equation Flash Cards – print double sided

iGCSE 7 Plus Skills Key Skills to get a Grade 7+ in Physics in a booklet

iGCSE Key Terminology in Context GCSE Science key terminology in context

Animated Science GCSE 1 to 9 Methods Summary Example Key Physics Practical Methods with pictures and data

Astrophysics_Topic_Guide A guide to ideas in Unit 8

Energy stores and transfers Topic Guide Energy Stores guide for Unit 4

Y11 Pre Exam Booklet v1 This contains pretty must all you require in one place about iGCSE i.e. formula sheets, elec symbols, revision checklists, command works, key terms.

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