1 Matter Radiation

This is a topic which introduces the detail of the atom, the idea of stability, the photon model E = hf, antiparticles and the interactions of particles. There is quite a lot of wordy detail and basic facts to learn with a small number of calculations such as specific charge or E = hf to cover. Also make sure you know what an electron volt is and how to derive it from first principals. Energies may also be expressed in Joules or MeV so be sure on that one as well. Also you must visit http://www.particleadventure.org/ to read around the first three topics. If you don’t you will fail the exam! But a word of caution you will not need to know everything on the site. The AS Physics Exam does not cover every particle in the universe so check the specs!

Main Resources

 1 Matter and Radiation (these slides will help you revise each topic in the section)

1 Matter and Radiation Exam Questions   (This covers some real exam questions and answers)

Inside the atom

1.1 Dream Journey Inside The Atom  (cartoon on the atom)

Stable and unstable nuclei

1.2 More on Neutrinos  (information sheet)


1.3 Lasers Extension (if you want to think more deeply about lasers)

Particles and antiparticles

 1.4 Antimatter (cartoon on Antimatter)

1_4_Chronology of particle physics

How particles interact

1.5 Feynman Diagrams Worksheet (problems & solutions for Feynman Diagrams)

1.5 The Big Bang (Cartoon on Big Bang Theories)

1.5 Higgs Boson (some detail on what is the Higgs Boson)

Now try the quiz….

AS Chapter 1 Matter and Radiation

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