SI Units…

Here are some basic SI units that you might want to use in your calculations….

quantity name symbol in terms of …
other units base units
plane angle radian rad   m m−1
solid angle steradian sr   m2 m−2
frequency hertz Hz   s−1
force newton N   m kg s−2
pressure, stress pascal Pa N/m2 m−1 kg s−2
energy, work, heat joule J N m m2 kg s−2
power, heat flow watt W J/s m2 kg s−3
electric charge coulomb C   s A
electric potential volt V W/A m2 kg s−3 A−1
capacitance farad F C/V m−2 kg−1 s4 A2
resistance ohm Ω V/A m2 kg s−3 A−2
conductance siemens S A/V m−2 kg−1 s3 A2
magnetic flux weber Wb V s m2 kg s−2 A−1
magnetic flux density tesla T Wb/m2 kg s−2 A−1
inductance henry H Wb/A  m2 kg s−2 A−2
celsius temperature degree celsius   K
luminous flux lumen lm cd sr m2 m−2 cd
illuminance lux lx lm/m2 m−2 cd
radioactivity becquerel Bq   s−1
absorbed dose gray Gy J/kg m2 s−2
equivalent dose sievert Sv J/kg m2 s−2
catalytic activity katal kat   s−1 mol

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