12 Waves

This topic a meaty one with plenty of learnt facts and calculations to build on the facts. You must write notes to help you remember the key points. Also try out the virtual links and further reading. However, don’t get too carried away with all the music stuff which can go pretty deep.

  AS-Unit12-Waves (Main Notes on PPT)

12.1 Waves and vibrations

12_1_Polarisation_Further Reading (Word)

SHM Examples from IOP

12.2 Measuring waves

12_2_Practical_Speed_of_sound_Dual_Beam (Word)

12_2_Dual_Beam_Results (Excel)

12_2_Practical_Speed_of_sound_In_Solid (Word)

12_2_Practical_Speed_of_sound_Lisajou_Fig (Word)

12.3 Wave Properties 1

12_3_Reflection_Refraction_Diffraction_Int_TIR Notes (Word)

Riple Tank Simulation (Private Study – must do)

12.4 Wave Properties 2

 12_4_HSW_interference_using_microwaves (Practical or Data Exercise)

12_4_Two_Point_Interference_Notes (Word – Extra reading)

12_4_Superposition (Excel – Interactive addition of waves)

12.5 Stationary and Progressive Waves

12_5_Practical_Stationary_Waves_Worksheet (Word)

12_5_standing_waves_extension (Word)

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12.6 More about stationary waves on strings

12.6 Beats Extension Reading (Word)

12_6_Deeper_Reading_Scales_and_Tuning (Word)

12_6_Guitar_Scales_Freq (XLS)

12_6_Extension_Understanding_stationary_waves Worksheet (Word)

Instrument_Frequencies (Html Table of Instruments)

12_6_String_Nodes_Results (Excel)

12_6_musical_scale (Excel – frequencies from Wiki)


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