10 Work, energy and power

This work builds upon the Y11 work from Additional Science. You should be able to derive the Kinetic Energy formulae, understand the concept of work done and how that can be expressed as an idea of Power. Also the efficiency of devices and some idea about how to apply that to real situations such as solar cells or power stations. The crux of this unit is to be able to construct calculations in your head without the use of usual formulae from a sheet. The way around this is to write down all the quantities that you know and then physically try and express the problem step by step. Don’t try and jump to the answer as you will get it wrong. Also check out your units carefully and check that match.

 AS Unit 10 Work Energy Power (Main Notes)

10.1 Work and energy

work (Practical Raising Mass)

10.2 Kinetic energy and potential energy

10_2_ke_derivation (Helpsheet)

102_Table Tennis Practical (Practical Exp)

 10_2_kinetic_animation (Quick Comparison Animation)

10.3 Power


10.4 Energy and efficiency

104_HSW_the_escalator (HWS Worksheet on Escalators)

10_4_elastic (Practical on Elastic Stored Energy)

10_4_lifting a load (Lifting a Load Effciency)

10.5 Renewable energy

10_5_SOL_A5 (efficiency of solar cells practical)

10_5_SOL_R1 (data sheet for practical)

Results (XLS Example Results)

10_5_solar_size_cost (Real Solar Cell Data Calculator)

10_5_Incident_solar_radiation (Real Solar Cell Data Calculator)

Eureka Video – Kinetic Energy Introduction….

Kinetic Energy v Laser Energy  a novel take on Space Wars!

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