5 Solids Liquids Gases- Part B “Density and Pressure”

Syllabus Aims…

5.3 know and use the relationship between density, mass and volume:

density = mass / volume

ρ = m / V

5.4 practical: investigate density using direct measurements of mass and volume.

5.5 know and use the relationship between pressure, force and area:

pressure = force / area

p = F / A

5.6 understand that the pressure at a point in a gas or liquid which is at rest acts equally in all directions

5.7 know and use the relationship for pressure difference:

pressure difference = height × density × gravitational field strength

p = h × ρ × g


Use this PowerPoint for a quick review…5 SLG Part B Density and Pressure

Density Learning Check

Density Practical Booklet Y11

Density Problems Sheet 1

Worksheet Investigating pressure


Analysis Sheet Pressure in Fluid

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