4 Energy – Part B “Energy Transfers”

Syllabus Aims…

Year 9….

4.2 describe energy transfers involving energy stores:

  • energy stores:
  • chemical
  • kinetic
  • gravitational
  • elastic, thermal
  • magnetic
  • electrostatic
  • nuclear

energy transfers:

  • mechanically
  • electrically
  • by heating
  • by radiation (light and sound)

4.3 use the principle of conservation of energy

4.4 know and use the relationship:

efficiency = (useful energy output/total energy input) x 100%


4.5 describe a variety of everyday and scientific devices and situations, explaining transfer of the input energy in terms of the above relationship, including their representation by Sankey diagrams.

Year 10…

4.6 Describe how thermal energy transfer may take place by conduction, convection and Radiation

4.7 Explain the role of convection in everyday phenomena

4.8 Explain how emission and absorption of radiation are related to surface and


4.9 Practical: investigate thermal energy transfer by conduction, convection and radiation

4.10 Explain ways of reducing unwanted energy transfer, such as insulation


Use these PowerPoints for a quick review…

4B Energy Transfers Part 1

4B Energy Transfers Part 2


Useful Videos…




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