3 Waves – Part B “Properties of Waves”

Syllabus Aims…

3.2 explain the difference between longitudinal and transverse waves

3.3 know the definitions of amplitude, wavefront, frequency, wavelength and period of a wave

3.4 know that waves transfer energy and information without transferring


3.5 know and use the relationship between the speed, frequency and wavelength of a wave:

wave speed = frequency × wavelength

v = f × λ

3.6 use the relationship between frequency and time period: frequency = 1/time period

f = 1/T

3.7 use the above relationships in different contexts including sound waves and electromagnetic waves

3.9 explain that all waves can be reflected and refracted.

3.8 explain why there is a change in the observed frequency and wavelength of a wave when its source is moving relative to an observer, and that this is known as the Doppler effect  (May be covered in Y10)



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Extension Ideas…



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